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Ceci n'est pas une peinture

After I worked on Geo, I wanted to concentrate essentially on macro vision of rust. I very much liked my pictures to look abstract and people to wonder whether it's a photo or a painting, so I made this other series around the same logic.


Not far from my place in France, I was passing by a rusted burnt car for weeks. It was there, probably waiting for the end of an investigation for insurances. Each time I was passing along with my car, I told to myself I would have to stop someday, before it would be taken off. And finally I decided to take my camera and to do it. The following day, the car was gone.


The title is somehow a joke. I have taken a title of the famous painting by Magritte where one can read "Ceci n'est pas une pipe" meaning "This is not a pipe". Magritte said it is not a pipe despite it is a picture of a pipe. He actually wanted to highlight that this is not reality, not a pipe, but a painting of a pipe. In my pictures, I say "Ceci n'est pas une peinture" which means "This is not painting" because it is actually a photography of paint on a car... with some rust. But this is also to confuse people who look at it, to make fun of them and at the end reveal the truth!


This series has been presented in the second edition of Fe2O3.

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