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Geo has already been presented in my two previous editions of Fe2O3. This is probably the most surprising series.


Each time people looked at the 3 pieces, they were getting closer to them to see if it was a photo, a painting or something else... And as they were not sure, they asked... and at the end they were just wondering what it actually is. Others were simply looking at the colours, the shapesand taking ownership of the pictures because they give free way to imagination.


Once again the title came afterwards. I think it is almost clear why I have chosen this one. Look at it and you will find something not far from the pictures of Yann Arthus-Bertrand, humbly of course!

But no, this is not another picture of the earth viewed from the’s the opposite!


"But where did you take this picture?" they asked. I suppose they hoped for an exotic answer... not even... These pictures were taken at the end of my garden, in the back side of the entrance gate of the property. Come for a visit, I have still not fixed this! For weeks I saw it and said "Oh my god, I love it! I have to do something with it!" And one day, I did...

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