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Nuts and Bolts

For those ones, I am quite sure I have been inspired all my childhood.


My father has been working in the building trade all his life up to now. I can still smell the grease on metals, hear the noise of saws on steel and the beating hammer.


I can still play with a bolt to screw in a nut.


When I showed him this selection of photographs, he laughed when he discovered these two new pieces. Exactly the way I thought he would. He was amazed. He never thought before seeing my pictures, that what he had in hands for so long could be artistic in some way.


I am quite sure the whole theme of rust is not only inspired by the time passing by, even though so much anchored in the very me, but also a reference of my life at home with my parents. This is some kind of tribute to them, with my entire respect and love.

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