Tribute to Mr Brown was previously called Amen. It was the major photo of the first edition. This picture is full of sense for me. And now, doubly I should say.

It is part of a bridge I liked a lot. I took the picture at the time it was being destroyed to be replaced by another one, totally modern. I am not saying I am against modernity. But this bridge was my place for the times when I was looking for peace to think, to breathe when I was in despair, and to find hope again.

It was overlooking a dam on a river. When I went there that day, I saw this piece on the bank. I took some pictures, a way to immortalise it for me.

When I developed the photo, I realised there was like a catholic cross on it. Amen was born.

Recently, a close friend of mine, Roger Dickinson-Brown, passed away. He was like a sponsor of my art. He made the acquisition of 2 copies of Amen. Once he told me, this piece was like an ingenious idea. In memory of him, I decided to dedicate the exhibition to this great man, and at the same time to rename this picture he loved so much. With his name included in this artwork, it could now probably be somewhat ingenious.


While I was driving to deliver posters promoting my first exhibition, a diversion for engineering works made me go over a bridge, lost in the fog. This place was magical. I felt in love instantly when I saw it. I didn't have my camera at that time, but decided to come back later and I did.

I called the picture "Aux Dés" meaning "Dice". It is just because of the four points on it which made me think of it.

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