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Sometimes, pictures are also taken just because you like what you see. By taking pictures of rust, you begin to be obsessed by the beauty of it. Now, each time I see some rusted metallic items, I have to look at it and think if it could be something interesting for a picture. And suddenly, an item catches your eye because of something you don't especially have control over.
This was the case for these two pictures.
The springs were attracting me beyond the rust. I cannot say why. A psychologist would probably say it is a symbolic attraction because of the bounce, a bounce for life... I would say this has probably nothing to do with it. If we look for a reason, we could find out it could have more links with the french cartoon called The Magic Roundabout where a major character was Zebedee, a jack-in-the-box!
Well, let's keep it simple. I liked the springs. I liked the rust. Do you?

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