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Volcanic Erosion

This first series of photographs, of which one is the poster of the exhibition, is composed of some of the last pictures I took. This is exactly what I had in mind for my next exhibition, before I had any new show planned, and even before I found myself in front of this piece of rust.


When I saw it while taking the picture, I realised there was just in front of me exactly what I thought about, something very pictorial, and of course a new playground to experiment with my brand new macro lens!


Of course, nothing from a volcano here. This is my usual process: I see something, I see what I can do with it, what I want to show to the viewer and it is often afterwards, while developing my picture, that the title comes... or not...


So what is it? You have here details from the so called téléscaphe. This machine was used for 1 year in Marseille during the 60s, in a magical site called Monkeys Bay. The system was like a cable-car but underwater. A sort of submarine cable-car! I would have loved so much to try it! Unfortunately, the system was very expensive and estimated too dangerous after some incidents. What a pity, people safety and profit first! Adventure comes second.


Some metallic pieces remain on the shore, like the cemetery of adventures.

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